Hunger Pains

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Tried some new things with lighting and shading in this one. Well, it’s not a NEW technique, but one I haven’t tinkered with in a while. Basically, I create a hue/saturation layer over the flats, darken everything, and then use a soft-edged eraser to cut into the shadows. Creating pools of light, rather than adding the shadow areas one at a time, seems to make it easier for me to follow the logic of light.

The overall feel of the comic, I find, is incredibly different with this shading method… Not sure if I like it. It lends realism of a sort, but also looks a bit, I don’t know, plastic. Let me know what you think.

I had the luxury of spending all day on this. Summer is so very great.

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  1. Hey, it looks amazing! For me it looks like a great improvement over your previous drawings. I like this somewhat realistic style!

  2. Miscreant Mutt

    I wonder if our smuggler & thief will discover a conscience, seeing the misery she’s contributing to.

  3. Duke of URL

    Meant to tell you before – I really like the new way you’re drawing Zuzel. His face looks much more realer now. Yes, I know that’s terrible grammar, but…
    He looks more like a person than just a cartoon, if that makes sense.

  4. Duke of URL

    Heh – I meant *Rudek*, not Zuzel. Hey, it’s Monday and I’ve only had two cups of coffee…

    • Haha… well thanks :D

      And you just reminded me to go get another cup of coffee ;)

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