Getting Ready for NYCC

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I can’t believe New York ComicCon is upon us! I’m looking forward to going on Thursday as a professional, talking to people about Pear-Pear and Zuzel, and the business and art of comics in general. I really wish I had … Continued

Designing My Own Typography

The Trouble with Comics Lettering Ideally, I think I would hand-letter Żużel and the Fox. I’d love to pull out the dusty Ames Lettering Guide that has been nestled among my art supplies since my days of taking summer classes at the … Continued

Photoshop Actions

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I did some figure-drawing today, but mostly I worked to increase my Photoshop know-how. I learned how to write Photoshop actions. For a first go at it, I wrote an action that takes artwork from its scanned state (inks over non-repro blue … Continued

I dive into a new project…

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This summer I set a goal for myself: Complete an issue of a comic book, from concept to complete digital art. We’ll see if that’s possible. But setting that goal gave me the motivation to collaborate with my wife and my friends … Continued

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