A Digital Art Workflow Attempt

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I have lots of ideas about how I might create the art for Żużel and the Fox. But until I actually try some things out, I won’t know what’s feasible. Or what results in an aesthetically pleasing result. One thing I really wanted … Continued

Getting Ready for NYCC

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I can’t believe New York ComicCon is upon us! I’m looking forward to going on Thursday as a professional, talking to people about Pear-Pear and Zuzel, and the business and art of comics in general. I really wish I had … Continued

Photoshop Actions

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I did some figure-drawing today, but mostly I worked to increase my Photoshop know-how. I learned how to write Photoshop actions. For a first go at it, I wrote an action that takes artwork from its scanned state (inks over non-repro blue … Continued

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