The Next Morning

| 1

Babcia just can’t seem to stop falling in these dang holes! In this comic I worked on the shading effect I developed. I think I was able to control the modeling of the shadows a little better in this one. I … Continued

No Complaints

| 4

So the main thing I experimented with here was shading. There are no fewer than four adjustment levels on the background art, and two on the figures. I realized during this process that shading on a “correction” layer has workflow … Continued

A Good Sport

| 2

I’m pretty excited about this one, because it not only cashes in on something set up in an earlier comic, but it starts a series of events that could even be called an ongoing plot! I had a lot of … Continued

Shop Talk

| 0

As I continue to experiment in MangaStudio, I’ve collected the following notes: I can’t use the same process as I did in PhotoShop for bolding key words. So as a quick fix, I just did them by hand, as you … Continued

The Boar Who Cried Wisp

| 4

You know, wisp? Like, wisp of smoke? Never mind. Trying a different approach to panel borders in this one. More organic. Allowing figures to spill out here and there. I’m pretty happy with how Zadziory, the hedgehog, came out in … Continued

Playing Coy

| 2

Szpadel doesn’t quit…maybe Nina will eventually find it endearing. This comic is kind of a throwback to the more minimalist backgrounds I had going for a while. I also left the characters’ color flat. After shading them in more detail … Continued

Care Package

| 3

My attempts to get used to Manga Studio continue. Soon I’m going to have to write a blog post about all the differences between working in PhotoShop and in MangaStudio. My whole process has been up-ended. I have less control … Continued


| 1

Is the old lady trying to wear down the border guards, and gain entry to Poland? or is she just bored? I’ve had the idea to do a comic like this for a while. I dunno, I kind of like … Continued

Changing Times

| 0

I tried some brush and ink for the backgrounds of the first three panels. Sepia seemed like a logical choice for a dream/memory sequence. I had some trouble controlling the ink washes and brush strokes, and you can see some … Continued

Pointless Violence

| 0

Hazing Zadziory seemed fun to Czerep until it got suddenly trendy. I tried a couple new approaches to this comic, to really push the art. The backgrounds are done in copics again, but I also did some accent work with … Continued

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