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Because, you know, some people prefer it that way. I spent a lot of time on this one, because I wanted to make sure I got all the subtleties right. Nina’s gestures have to be just the right amount of misleading–I didn’t want her to come off as afraid or in peril, or disinterested. Also…Read more

A New Look

Trying a couple new things here. I did the backgrounds in watercolors, and I’m pretty happy with the overall vibe. I created a real design problem though, by having Malutki–whose head and hands are mostly black–framed by a dark tunnel opening. I ended up digitally washing out the darks of the tunnel so that he…Read more

Roughing It

In this comic, I practiced and tweaked the shading process I’ve been using. I also slightly modified Szpadel’s character design to better reflect the muzzle structure of red deer. I was really unsure what to do with the background, especially in terms of how dark to go, but I think–I think—I was able to communicate the…Read more

Make Like Rope

Masha offers her own special brand of “help” to a desperate Lucky. So, yeah. DOUBLE COMIC! This one’s a full-size standard comic book page. This is more or less what I want the Żużel and the Fox graphic novel to look like. Except the shading–still not sure I’m happy with that. The trouble is, the more realist the…Read more

The Next Morning

Babcia just can’t seem to stop falling in these dang holes! In this comic I worked on the shading effect I developed. I think I was able to control the modeling of the shadows a little better in this one. I also discovered, to my delight, that you can select, move, and transform a selection on…Read more

No Complaints

So the main thing I experimented with here was shading. There are no fewer than four adjustment levels on the background art, and two on the figures. I realized during this process that shading on a “correction” layer has workflow benefits beyond the current comic. Take that hole Lucky’s stuck in. I’ve put in the…Read more

A Good Sport

I’m pretty excited about this one, because it not only cashes in on something set up in an earlier comic, but it starts a series of events that could even be called an ongoing plot! I had a lot of trouble balancing the colors in this one, and I’m still not completely satisfied. But in…Read more

Shop Talk

As I continue to experiment in MangaStudio, I’ve collected the following notes: I can’t use the same process as I did in PhotoShop for bolding key words. So as a quick fix, I just did them by hand, as you can see in this comic. Because of the responsiveness of the pen, and the ability…Read more

The Boar Who Cried Wisp

You know, wisp? Like, wisp of smoke? Never mind. Trying a different approach to panel borders in this one. More organic. Allowing figures to spill out here and there. I’m pretty happy with how Zadziory, the hedgehog, came out in this comic. His expressions read pretty well, I think :)

Playing Coy

Szpadel doesn’t quit…maybe Nina will eventually find it endearing. This comic is kind of a throwback to the more minimalist backgrounds I had going for a while. I also left the characters’ color flat. After shading them in more detail for a couple comics, I find that I prefer to try to create the illusion…Read more