Changing of the Guard

| 6

Kapitan Bzik has himself a new recruit, whether or not that recruit knows what’s happening. That home-brewed nalewka can be potent stuff. Looks like the company won’t be down a man, anyway. Er–down a person. So, tried something a little … Continued

Black Tuesday

| 7

At long last, it’s here! A couple weeks of tender loving care went into this one. I shaded the backgrounds with pencil. I’m ambivalent about the effect, though. Shading the characters ended up being pretty haphazard. In the past I’ve … Continued

An Effective Soldier

| 2

Further experimentation with pencil-shaded backgrounds. I actually did the Ford FT-B in the third panel on a separate sheet of paper and scanned it to its own layer, so I could make it stand out a little better against the … Continued

Order Form

| 7

Tried a couple new things here: Vector inks. I haven’t tried that in a while, and while it does create a slightly cleaner look, there’s really not much advantage for web publication. However, if I want to scale the artwork … Continued

The Iron Bear

| 1

I wanted to try a different workflow for this comic–one that solved a problem I keep running into. Because I do the figures and the backgrounds at different points in the process, I have a difficult time controlling tangents and … Continued

Master Plan

| 5

It’s not that Masha likes the way the uniform fits. It’s more about the doors that it can open for her. The question remains–how would Malutki react if he knew how Masha really got that uniform? This is one of … Continued


| 1

Because, you know, some people prefer it that way. I spent a lot of time on this one, because I wanted to make sure I got all the subtleties right. Nina’s gestures have to be just the right amount of … Continued

A New Look

| 4

Trying a couple new things here. I did the backgrounds in watercolors, and I’m pretty happy with the overall vibe. I created a real design problem though, by having Malutki–whose head and hands are mostly black–framed by a dark tunnel … Continued

Roughing It

| 0

In this comic, I practiced and tweaked the shading process I’ve been using. I also slightly modified Szpadel’s character design to better reflect the muzzle structure of red deer. I was really unsure what to do with the background, especially … Continued

Make Like Rope

| 0

Masha offers her own special brand of “help” to a desperate Lucky. So, yeah. DOUBLE COMIC! This one’s a full-size standard comic book page. This is more or less what I want the Żużel and the Fox graphic novel to look like. Except … Continued

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