The Abyss Also Gazes

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The pretentious title for this downbeat comic is pretentiously taken from a Nietzsche quote. I’m not even sure if this comic is a joke or what. Anyway, I worked on making background art that was not quite as “busy” and … Continued


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Rudek has a philosophical disagreement with his superior officer. Problems with Background Art So, with the last few comics I’ve been experimenting with traditionally drawn, inked, and colored backgrounds. But I’ve been finding that it’s a double-edged sword. On the … Continued

Flat Tire

| 4

I wanted to push myself further with the backgrounds on this comic. So, I made the following artwork with Copic markers on bristol board: Then I scanned it. And, as you can see, did a lot of copy-pasting, cloning, and … Continued


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So, this one was a long time in the making. After my mixed feelings about the traditionally-colored backgrounds in the last cartoon, I wanted to see what it looked like if I outlined the backgrounds as well. I also did … Continued

The Talking Tree

| 2

I went a very different direction on the backgrounds in this one. I really like the textures Copic markers create, but I can’t control them very well yet. The result of hand-coloring the backgrounds is a kind of whimsical, story-book … Continued


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I’m particularly happy with the composition of panel 2. The perspective is wonky, but the rhythm of the figures really works for me. I was getting impatient to post this one. I could have spent more time on the backgrounds, … Continued

Due Diligence

| 3

Phew! It feels like this comic was forever in the making. A busy couple of weeks at work made it difficult to find time for art. But here we go! This comic is kind of a big deal. Rudek and the … Continued

Allegory of the Cave

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Rudek wonders if he’s the only one who sees what’s going on here. After a week and a half of no updates, I’m excited to post this comic! I’m pretty proud of panel 2. Not only am I satisfied with … Continued

Long-Due Recognition

| 2

At least, that’s what Lucky thinks it is. Really, Rudek just wanted to spread around unwanted responsibilities. To translate: Rudek is having Lucky promoted to Private, First Class — which for most, is just a matter of time and due … Continued


| 1

The bears don’t always see eye to eye on business policy. Masha assumes its because her partner still has some communist brainwashing to work through. The cyrillic, by the way, is supposed to say the Belarusian equivalent of “Bam!” Process … Continued

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