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Due Diligence

Phew! It feels like this comic was forever in the making. A busy couple of weeks at work made it difficult to find time for art. But here we go! This comic is kind of a big deal. Rudek and the Bear finally come face to face.

Allegory of the Cave

Rudek wonders if he’s the only one who sees what’s going on here. After a week and a half of no updates, I’m excited to post this comic! I’m pretty proud of panel 2. Not only am I satisfied with the composition, but I think I pulled off some good story-telling. Each character is really…Read more

Long-Due Recognition

At least, that’s what Lucky thinks it is. Really, Rudek just wanted to spread around unwanted responsibilities. To translate: Rudek is having Lucky promoted to Private, First Class — which for most, is just a matter of time and due course…not really an achievement. And Szpadel is going to be a Corporal, taking Rudek’s former…Read more


The bears don’t always see eye to eye on business policy. Masha assumes its because her partner still has some communist brainwashing to work through. The cyrillic, by the way, is supposed to say the Belarusian equivalent of “Bam!” Process Experiment: Color Holds For this comic, I knew all the hay would create problems. I…Read more

The Dispensary

I’m guilty of this at work, or when I’m out with friends. If I’m desperate, I know there’s a kind lady who has pain relievers in her purse. But it looks like the men of this K.O.P. battalion have made this into a regular institution, at Nina’s expense. I think a lady who keeps tools…Read more

War Stories

Before instating his new starszy sierżant (senior sergeant), Kapitan Bzik was hoping to swap some war stories and get chummy. Rudek seems interested in neither. Just for reference: the Kapitan (Captain) commands the company, about 100 men. Czerep, the Porucznik, is his junior officer, who commands the platoon Rudek and his friends are in. Rudek…Read more

The New Recruit

A big welcome to the new readers who found the comic through Belfry Comics. Thanks for checking it out! A couple new things, art-wise in this comic. I tried out a couple brushes I made to create a rain effect. It’s not super-realistic, but it gets the idea across. I also adjusted contrast and saturation…Read more

Filing System

Rudek’s got a bad feeling about this. What I learned Creating this comic, I think I’ve come to realize that it’s high time to abandon the conceit of a limited palette. For the past few comics I’ve started to branch out from my twelve-color palette, and manipulated hue, saturation, contrast, etc. I’ve been basically moving on to…Read more

Good Cop, Bad Cop

I’m pretty pleased with the facial expressions in this one. Malutki especially seems to both rueful and thinking in panel three — like, both dealing with Masha’s lashing and trying to understand what he’s supposed to be doing. An Evolving Character Design When I was drafting this comic I was thinking about how Masha’s design…Read more

Unlucky at Cards

We all know someone like Lucky, don’t we? Okay — this was a pretty elaborate comic, graphically, but I had fun with all the challenges it produced. Not 100% satisfied that it reads easily, especially panel 2. Composing with Notan One thing that separates this comic from previous ones is the method I used to…Read more