The Dispensary

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I’m guilty of this at work, or when I’m out with friends. If I’m desperate, I know there’s a kind lady who has pain relievers in her purse. But it looks like the men of this K.O.P. battalion have made … Continued

War Stories

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Before instating his new starszy sierżant (senior sergeant), Kapitan Bzik was hoping to swap some war stories and get chummy. Rudek seems interested in neither. Just for reference: the Kapitan (Captain) commands the company, about 100 men. Czerep, the Porucznik, … Continued

The New Recruit

| 1

A big welcome to the new readers who found the comic through Belfry Comics. Thanks for checking it out! A couple new things, art-wise in this comic. I tried out a couple brushes I made to create a rain effect. … Continued

Filing System

| 2

Rudek’s got a bad feeling about this. What I learned Creating this comic, I think I’ve come to realize that it’s high time to abandon the conceit of a limited palette. For the past few comics I’ve started to branch out from … Continued

Good Cop, Bad Cop

| 2

I’m pretty pleased with the facial expressions in this one. Malutki especially seems to both rueful and thinking in panel three — like, both dealing with Masha’s lashing and trying to understand what he’s supposed to be doing. An Evolving … Continued

Unlucky at Cards

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We all know someone like Lucky, don’t we? Okay — this was a pretty elaborate comic, graphically, but I had fun with all the challenges it produced. Not 100% satisfied that it reads easily, especially panel 2. Composing with Notan … Continued

The Value of Education

| 1

Not sure if this comic counts as “funny” — there’s no particular joke. I mean, Lucky is being ridiculous, and gets some comeuppance. But this comic is mainly to further the plot and character development, I guess. Anway, there are … Continued

New Policy

| 1

Artistically, there wasn’t too much experimentation with this one. But as I was drawing it, I did feel more comfortable with what I was doing. I didn’t have to think as hard to visualize the poses; I felt more comfortable … Continued

The Post Office

| 2

Masha has some trouble with the subtleties of plausible deniability and the black market. The fence in the post office probably thinks she’s dumb as a post. You know, a fence post. Moving House My wife and I moved from … Continued


| 3

I wasn’t sure about this one, because it’s a little weird to have livestock in a world of anthropomorphic animals. But I couldn’t resist illustrating this idea. The babushka doesn’t seem too surprised that her plan has failed. Coloring Experiments … Continued

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