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No one noticed Masha quietly approaching… 😲 What does she have in mind, I wonder… Not thrilled with how the background came out, but mastering gouache will take time. And I’m torn on the cell shading…I might still prefer straight flats for characters. But the overall look of this comic is close to what I’m…Read more

“The Riven World,” Part 6

Two foxes have made two very different choices about what their uniforms mean, what their role is among the Galician jews… This concludes the flashback sequence. Any questions you have about the fate of Zeftel or Sierżant Wiater, well… all I can say is keep reading this webcomic.   The other day I went on…Read more

“The Riven World,” Part 5

Rudek’s flashback to the campaign in Galicja continues. By the time he arrives at the shtetl, the violence has already occurred…but one desperate survivor needs Rudek’s help… I went out on a limb and watercolored this one, background and characters. The background is entirely washes of burnt umber; the characters are burnt umber and Prussian…Read more

A Sobering Moment

While I was working on this one, I was just so happy to draw Masha doing everything that makes her who she is. A tough little bear, focused on her goals, knowing an opportunity when she sees it!   The backgrounds were painted in watercolor using a limited palette: prussian blue and burnt sienna. I…Read more


I’m still not sure about the decision to draw Malutki’s eyes all white, like he’s in the Avatar State or something. I wanted him to look fearsome… But is this the right visual cue? Not sure.

“The Riven World,” Part 3

A continuation of this flashback. I went very sketchy / minimal on the backgrounds in this one, to try and maintain my update schedule. I’m not entirely happy with it, but content that the characters, their poses and gestures are carrying the weight of the story.   Thanks for reading!   [edit: comic revised to…Read more


I tried a couple new things in this comic. If you compare the bears’ costumes to how they appeared when we last saw them, you’ll see the colors have shifted, especially Malutki’s. I wanted to emphasize his moral decision to break with Masha, so I colored his clothes with a palette completely opposite Masha’s. I’ve…Read more

“The Riven World,” Part 2

the flashback to Rudek’s days in Haller’s Army continues. I’ve found researching the Polish-Ukrainian conflict to be fascinating, partially because of how divergent the historiographies are. Polish sources tell one story, Jewish sources another, Ukrainian sources still another. Haller’s men were either heroes, murderers, imperialists, liberators, or–as I tend to think is likely–some messy mix.

“The Riven World,” Part 1

Flashback to 1919. Private Rudek, ten years younger, drives a cart with a company in Haller’s Army, on the road to Lemberg (Lwów). They stop to rest at a shtetl in Buczacz… Good lord this comic took forever to finish. It came with a lot of technical challenges, research questions, and second guessing. oh yeah,…Read more