Not-So-Hot Pusuit

| 4

Trying something a little different with lighting in this one–almost a “cell shading” approach. Let me know what you think! Also, I’m pretty happy with how the landscape came out. Of course I know very little about how the forested … Continued

Evenly Matched

| 7

Hi! It’s been months and months. But here at last is the next installment. I tried a couple things with my approach to coloring–the characters are all rendered in a tight range of tints and shades of only 3 hues. … Continued

Sublieutenant Nobody

| 8

Skorzany and Rudek are doing all they can to get Kowak’s attention. In this comic, I worked hard to layer the foreground and background action cohesively. A fun challenge.

Difference of Opinion

| 2

Poor Malutki.   You might notice some slight adjustments to character design here. You also might not. ;) Also, I tried something with the colors. The background is built up of analogous hues, centered on purple, and the characters are … Continued

Do You Remember?

| 9

This double-length comic took a long time to draw, mainly because I wanted to establish the snowy background as realistically as I could. Narrative-wise, it was important to me that Rudek encounter Skorzany in a kind of liminal space (ask … Continued


| 5

Looks like 1929 is coming to a close in the world of Rudek and the Bear. For the curious, the object Rudek is handing to Malutki is called an opłatek. Did you notice the new word bubble typeface? I was … Continued

Extra Credit

| 1

What I wonder here is, does Kasia know what she’s doing here? As she never interacted directly with “Private Misza,” she probably doesn’t know about Masha’s conflicted position… I wanted to really push the Vermeer-ish feel in the school room. … Continued

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