“The Riven World,” Part 1

| 13

Flashback to 1919. Private Rudek, ten years younger, drives a cart with a company in Haller’s Army, on the road to Lemberg (Lwów). They stop to rest at a shtetl in Buczacz… Good lord this comic took forever to finish. … Continued

A Skirmish

| 2

Oh dear! So. I had originally drawn the last comic and this one as a single, double-length page, like ones I’ve uploaded in the past. But I realized that to tell the story correctly, I needed to adjust the pace … Continued

Shots Fired

| 0

Uh oh! We’ve got quite the situation developing here ;) In coloring this comic, I opted for a scheme of tints and shades of four hues, organized this way: I guess you could look at it as an analogous scheme … Continued

Not-So-Hot Pusuit

| 4

Trying something a little different with lighting in this one–almost a “cell shading” approach. Let me know what you think! Also, I’m pretty happy with how the landscape came out. Of course I know very little about how the forested … Continued

Evenly Matched

| 7

Hi! It’s been months and months. But here at last is the next installment. I tried a couple things with my approach to coloring–the characters are all rendered in a tight range of tints and shades of only 3 hues. … Continued

Sublieutenant Nobody

| 8

Skorzany and Rudek are doing all they can to get Kowak’s attention. In this comic, I worked hard to layer the foreground and background action cohesively. A fun challenge.

Difference of Opinion

| 2

Poor Malutki.   You might notice some slight adjustments to character design here. You also might not. ;) Also, I tried something with the colors. The background is built up of analogous hues, centered on purple, and the characters are … Continued

Do You Remember?

| 9

This double-length comic took a long time to draw, mainly because I wanted to establish the snowy background as realistically as I could. Narrative-wise, it was important to me that Rudek encounter Skorzany in a kind of liminal space (ask … Continued

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