Pushing Luck

| 3

Masha refuses to take Rudek’s hint and keeps hanging around headquarters–but Czerep is onto her. She’s usually a step ahead, but looks like the lieutenant has a kind of dizzying effect on her. Partially from laziness and time constraints, and … Continued


| 9

Oh dear. I’ll give Masha this at least–she has the imagination of a true bureaucrat. I wanted to push to the limit the pencilled backgrounds and go for a real storybook illustration vibe. I drew a truck that I later … Continued


| 12

Bzik would have his protocols hardbound. I tried a couple things in this comic. The background is one continuous drawing, with a fisheye perspective; each panel uses only one section of the whole drawing. So, if this were animated, the … Continued

Mashed Potatoes

| 7

Yep. I did it. I did the eyeballs-in-the-dark gag. My life feels strangely complete somehow. Also, I really like how the “in the dark” lighting of panels 1-2 came out. I created a mask, and lowered the saturation and luminosity … Continued

Friendly Advice

| 9

I’m trying out subtitles on this comic. In previous episodes featuring Belarusian, readers were likely to ask for translation. There are a couple different ways to handle that, but I figured I would see what it looked like to do … Continued

A Memory

| 10

Rudek? …. Rudek? The trouble with PTSD is you never know what can trigger it. The question is, what aren’t we seeing in panel 5? Continuing with my experimentations on the background art here. I tried watercolors, and didn’t quite … Continued

Small Pond

| 3

You thought you had seen the last of ol’ Lucky? Let’s be honest, this comic is really about trees. But also I had fun designing the lemmings. Miscalculated that second panel; had to tint the word bubble. Hope it’s not … Continued

Cleaning Up

| 11

I don’t know why Masha bothered to hide the hole in the store-room floor…Bzik doesn’t seem to be very observant. So, anyway, in this one, I tried to better merge the use of pencils with the digital aspects of the … Continued

Budget Presentation

| 7

The art process on this one was a bit different. Like usual, I sketched the panel layouts digitally. But instead of also inking digitally, I decided to try traditional pencils. One reason was to try out my new Huion light … Continued


| 8

I’m feeling good about the character designs in this one. Also, I’m trying that 1960s, “cartoon modern” flavor with the backgrounds again. A much more subtle and effective approach (I think), thanks to some additional research and time to refine … Continued

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