Last Request

| 9

Looks like Rudek has a soft spot for the old Badger, after all. Or maybe there’s more going on here than it seems. So, with this comic, after putting a lot of effort into adjusting the levels, saturation, contrast, and … Continued


| 6

Well — It’s good to finally post something after a few months unexpected hiatus. I won’t go into details or make excuses, but my son was born two months early, in October. As Lennon said, life is what happens when … Continued


| 11

In this comic, a long-standing question is answered. Subtitle: Мой хлопчык means “My boy.” I had huge problems with the composition and palette on this one. I think ultimately it’s a problem of Notan–the value contrasts are not forming a “readable” … Continued

A Thrashing

| 2

If only Masha had access to a therapist, or at least a non-living, non-glass punching bag.   This comic achieves a few different goals for me. I was realizing I needed practice on drawing action and violence. I also have been … Continued

Upping the Ante

| 7

This is a moment that I guess the whole comic has sort of been building toward… it is called “Rudek and the Bear” after all :)   Wanted to try a “white on white” kind of background. You know, the … Continued


| 6

So collectivization plus the onset of the great depression is not a great combination. I wanted the right style of farm architecture, the right model of Fordson tractor, and even the right cut for a “decommissioned” White Army field cap. … Continued

Hunger Pains

| 5

Tried some new things with lighting and shading in this one. Well, it’s not a NEW technique, but one I haven’t tinkered with in a while. Basically, I create a hue/saturation layer over the flats, darken everything, and then use … Continued

The Slip

| 8

Spent a good number of hours on this one. Decided to push the realism on the details of the uniforms, and develop some new backgrounds. For a while I’ve felt like my depictions of the town, Stołpce, were lacking. After some … Continued

Economics Lesson

| 3

I was finishing up my “clean-up” layer, and was about to start inking. Then I took a look at what I had, and liked the sketchy energy of it. I was reminded of the sketchy quality of some of my … Continued

Pushing Luck

| 3

Masha refuses to take Rudek’s hint and keeps hanging around headquarters–but Czerep is onto her. She’s usually a step ahead, but looks like the lieutenant has a kind of dizzying effect on her. Partially from laziness and time constraints, and … Continued

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