Cleaning Up

| 9

I don’t know why Masha bothered to hide the hole in the store-room floor…Bzik doesn’t seem to be very observant. So, anyway, in this one, I tried to better merge the use of pencils with the digital aspects of the … Continued

Budget Presentation

| 7

The art process on this one was a bit different. Like usual, I sketched the panel layouts digitally. But instead of also inking digitally, I decided to try traditional pencils. One reason was to try out my new Huion light … Continued


| 7

I’m feeling good about the character designs in this one. Also, I’m trying that 1960s, “cartoon modern” flavor with the backgrounds again. A much more subtle and effective approach (I think), thanks to some additional research and time to refine … Continued

Slow Business

| 4

A Little Applied Design and Color Theory I’m finding the need to solve problems created by the limited color palette. I try to assign a unique subset of the color palette to each character. But with new character designs and … Continued

Taking Stock

| 2

If you haven’t checked out the Kickstarter campaign to print the first fifty comics, I encourage you to do so! As of this writing it is 93%, and I am in the process of pricing out stretch goals. Exciting stuff! … Continued

Speed Demons

| 0

With this comic, I inadvertently drew a lot of things in profile. I guess that was necessary to set up the joke–can’t really do that if we fully see the haycart coming up behind. Here I made some use of … Continued

Private Misza

| 1

I’m a little behind schedule here–but it’s because I’m putting together a little something :)


| 3

End of Chapter 1 The oversized panel, I hope, achieves the sense of pause after the climax and resolution of Lucky’s arc. There are still many unanswered questions at this point in the story, but Lucky has unambiguously stepped out … Continued

Changing of the Guard

| 6

Kapitan Bzik has himself a new recruit, whether or not that recruit knows what’s happening. That home-brewed nalewka can be potent stuff. Looks like the company won’t be down a man, anyway. Er–down a person. So, tried something a little … Continued

Black Tuesday

| 7

At long last, it’s here! A couple weeks of tender loving care went into this one. I shaded the backgrounds with pencil. I’m ambivalent about the effect, though. Shading the characters ended up being pretty haphazard. In the past I’ve … Continued

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